COVID-19 – Medical oxygen is an essential gas for the treatment

Medical oxygen is an essential gas for the treatment of serious coronavirus diseases. In the current critical situation, hospitals are facing an increasing number of resuscitation patients. Since the available oxygen volumes are not always sufficient, on-site medical oxygen production systems using concentrators can be deployed wherever necessary.

This equipment can take the form of:

  • Oxygen hub(s) connected to a hospital oxygen network,
  • Plug and play oxygen hub to supply one or more respirators
  • Oxygen concentrator connected to a cylinder filling system.

The oxygen concentrator is a MD (Medical Devise) that produce an oxygen listed in the pharmacopeia.

Considering the presently  critical situation, the  manufacturers of  oxygen concentrators  member of the MEDIGHAM association are ready to lend their support to provide all hospitals that need it with the means to produce medical oxygen on site in sufficient quantity to meet the enormous needs for treatment patients against the coronavirus.

Oxygen concentrators in the world

Medigham®2019 – Medical Gas Generators for Hospitals, International Association of Manufacturers is a not-for-profit, international association of companies having design and manufacturing of medical gas generators as corporate activity.

MEDIGHAM is an international association which aims to promote the installation and use of PSA oxygen concentrator technology in hospitals.

In addition to the main manufacturers of medical oxygen concentrators (OXYGEN generators) in the world, it also includes a scientific committee made up of experts with extensive experience in medical oxygen produced by ONE SITE oxygen concentrators.


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