Who we are

MEDIGHAM® -Medical Gas Generators for Hospitals, International Association of Manufacturers- is a not-for-profit, international organization of companies having design and manufacturing of medical gas generators as corporate activity representing the interests of its members at national, regional and international levels.

Why MEDIGHAM® was created?

Generators to produce medical gases at hospital sites were launched several decades ago to address a strong demand from healthcare facilities for alternative solutions to the supply mode offered by industrial gas companies using centralized plants to extract gases from ambient air by cryogenic process before conditioning them either in high pressure cylinders or cylinder bundles or in cryogenic vessels. While thousands of healthcare facilities around the world are using since several years technology to produce medical gases delivered to their patients, there are still a lot of efforts engaged by large companies to create barriers for a broader market acceptance in order to protect their current commercial activities.
The need to join forces to balance the power of such international companies became obvious to defend the freedom for healthcare facilities to select the most suited option according to their specific environment and their clinical needs in order to optimize the safety of their patients and the cost efficiency of the clinical treatments provided.
During a discussion within the scope of an ISO standard revision, it was decided by four manufacturers from different countries and one expert of the global medical gas market to establish an international association to represent the common interests of local and global companies engaged into the development of this industry. The seeds of this new association were sown, and the Statutes of MEDIGHAM® were signed off in Paris in July 2013. The first elected President of MEDIGHAM being Philippe Sage from France.
Membership within MEDIGHAM® is open to manufacturers of generators and of components used for safe operation of generators to produce any medical gases at healthcare facility sites. Distributors or installers of full on site systems can apply upon specific conditions in accordance with MEDIGHAM® statutes.


The Mission of MEDIGHAM® is to represents and develops the on-site production of medical gases industry in order to ensure the continuous improvement of the safety of patients, the security of the installations and the environmental protection. This is achieved through the exchange of views co-operating towards the regulatory framework (National and international directives, standards, codes of practice, guidelines, reports…) and where the vast experience of its members in the safe production, handling and use of medical and special gases can be shared in order to achieve the highest level of safety and environmental care in the production of these gases directly at the hospital sites in cooperation with other healthcare professionals.


The scope of MEDIGHAM® covers any regulatory, technical and any others related issues concerning current and future technology for on site production of medical gases provided for treatment of patients in healthcare facilities as well as any associated equipment, devices and components relevant to ensure safe, reliable, and cost-efficient operation of the mentioned technology. The primarily focuses of the association and its members are the safety of patients, the security of the installations and the environmental protection.

Administration of MEDIGHAM®

The prime governing body is the General Assembly, which meets at least once a year. The General Assembly includes all members being up to date of their annual contribution in the day of the General Assembly. Every members participating at the General Assembly is empowered of one voting right. Each member can be represented or delegate its right to an other Member of the association or a representative of the company he belongs to, the number of mandates given to a Member is limited to three. The Extraordinary General Assembly is the only competent authority to decide for a) modifying the statutes of the association, b) dissolution of the association, c) merging with others associations

The Association is managed and administered by an Administration Council including a maximum of 10 administrators elected by the General Assembly:

The Administration Council elects among its members a Board comprising the following functions: a President, a Treasurer and a Secretary. The Board meets as often as needed upon invitation from the President. The Board provides all necessary information to the Administration Council for the good management of the association and to take any relevant decisions. The duration of the mandate of each Board member is 3 years and can be renewed without limitation. The Board can request the opinion of relevant experts. These experts could intervene upon request to answer ad-hoc demands or be members of the Advisory Committee of the Association.

The Administration Council may appoint special committees to help achieve the aims of the Association Synthesis provided in the organizational chart bellow:

MEDIGHAM® is funded by :

  • The Membership annual fees as defined upon proposal of the Board during the annual General Assembly during which the yearly budget is approved
  • Exceptional fees requested to members for specific actions decided by the Board and approved by the General Assembly
  • Public or private grants and subsidies, with which it may be endowed,
  • Interest and revenue from goods and assets belonging to the Association
  • Payment for services rendered,
  • Authorized donations and bequests
  • Any others resource in accordance to the French regulations and laws applicable to the association rightsT