Communication Charter of the Medigham Website

MEDIGHAM association members agree in principle to share their references of on-site gas production installations.

The sole purpose of this information is communication via the MEDIGHAM Website and Newsletter for the promotion of on-site oxygen concentrator solutions for medical use. As the intention is specifically non-commercial i.e. not to promote the products or technology of individual member companies, all members will receive the same conditions in order to maintain full equality between all manufacturers. The titular members undertake to implement and respect the following provisions of this charter:

  1. The Webmaster assigned by Medigham will provide each manufacturer with a forum space for the publication of a case study installation of an on-site production system for medical gases.
  2. The publication format is the same for all manufacturers and will be provided by the MEDIGHAM Webmaster.
  3. The content of the case presented must not include comparative advertising between manufacturers.
  4. The Webmaster assigned by MEDIGHAM will publish any customer testimonials provided by manufacturers.
  5. The published testimonials are to be expressions of satisfaction with the technology only (on-site production by concentrator technology) and are therefore to be neutral. The mention of the supplier’s name (manufacturer) is not permitted and will be deleted if used.
  6. Manufacturer members of MEDIGHAM will have the same rights of publication on the association website: number of cases, number of testimonies and format.
  7. The MEDIGHAM website will not include information on differences or perceived advantages / disadvantages of the various types of PSA technology. PSA, VSA, VPSA, LPSA, DS-PSA.
  8. As Medigham members Manufacturers commit to mention in their commercial web site, Medigham logo linked to Medigham website.
  9. Medigham members commit to actively participate to diffuse the Medigham newsletter.
  10. Copyright of all publications will be observed