European hospital “La Roseraie”

European hospital “La Roseraie”


The on-site oxygen production solution in response to a problem of space in a urban environment.

HOPITAL EUROPEEN “LA ROSERAIE” General hospital of Medicine/Surgery/Obstetrics, is a Part of the major hospitals Italian group Villa Maria. Established since 1961 in Aubervilliers, Paris suburb. 

The project was aimed to increase the hospital capacity, in spite of the very limited space in Aubervilliers city center

  • 230 beds for medicine, surgery and obstetrics
  • 28 beds for ICU, cardiological resuscitation and continuous surveillance units
  • 8 operating rooms
  • 11 post-operation surveillance stations
  • Extension of the hospital, initiated in 2012
  • Construction of a new 9-storey building
  • Number of beds increased to 280


The installation of a LOX medical gas supply sources initially planned requested a significant footprint, considering the access and circulation area for trucks deliveries. This made it simply unfeasible to achieve the initial extension project on the available land.

Selected solution

THE OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR SUPPLY SYSTEM has been selected as the ideal solution to solve the land constraints in addition to all known other advantages of the on-site production solution : cost effectiveness, increased safety, full autonomy, and positive environmental impact.

A containerised oxygen concentrator plant including primary and secondary source of supply has been lifted on the roof of the building and connected to the medical gas pipeline system. The reserve source of supply for backup has been constituted in three bundles of 30 cylinders each connected to an onsite oxygen booster.